The end of our century is dominated by the methods of communications which practically suppress painting as communication media. Visual perception of the world. The methods of transmission of this perception are based on technical instrument, his personality and perception of the world are not limited by any technical device, and he selects the methods of expression to gain the wholeness of his language. The value of information of an artist lies in the simplicity and clarity of this language. Color, drawing, composition build up definite picture of the world. Looking at the heritage of visual art, we see the endless repetitions and definite system of interpretation of this world in which the author was immersed. In our time when the process of creation has acquired its own value, there is the problem of choice between the information into which the author is immersed and his inner world. The inner world develops according to its own laws, speaks its own language and creates the way of expression the end results of which is a painting. And you are free either to like or dislike this painting. But what the painting means or what the painting is are not so important, partly because the very process of knowing of "means" and "is" is endless. And if the painting works as a whole, its space causes certain sense of harmony and beauty which we may see in and learn from Nature and which is absolute in all its moods and forms, sincere and true.
      The creative process, the way it develops, the very material of painting in its classical canvas - paint - brush form, the technique of execution till the very last touch of brush with which the painting begins to live and breath, constitute the unseparable whole and have the right to exist in our time when human beings live in artificial synthetic environment. And we may accept the fact of existence of painting as the fact of a letter sent by one human being to another.

Aslangery Uyanayev


      In the 19th century van Gogh painted the Sun, in the 20th century Malevich discovered the Black Square…
       November, end of the year 2000. Model of painting. Proportions and scale of space, placed in one square meter format, raise no doubts. The object is in the state of equilibrium. Impulse is the conflict. Square represents environment. Conventional units are figures and numbers. Meaning of zero - sign of the Sun and Light. The quantity of warm or yellow color signifies plus for the unit of matter represented by the black paint and having "minus" meaning. Half-tints, thickness, warmness and coldness of color, the red, the green, the blue etc. The meaning is power-richness of the form. The painting is alive. The author is curious to explore the world in which as well as in the structure of computer thinking the yellow is equal to the black.

Aslangery Uyanayev

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