"Art is not only the echo of the epoch and its mirror, but it contains the exiting prophetic energy, pouring out in the expanse and profundity", -this idea of Vasily Kandinsky unintentionally comes to your mind, when you concern the works of Aslangery Uyanayev.
      Aslangery Uyanayev was born in Nalchik on 26th of December, 1962. In 1985 he graduated from Kabardino-Balkarian University, the Engineering Department, and moved to Leningrad, where he plunged in the atmosphere of art. Being deeply concerned with painting, he began a course of study at the Academy of Arts as a lecturegoer. Thereby he improved the skills, necessary for him, and started to blaze an original trail in art.
      Aslangery Uyanayev feels very close to the forms of ancient civilizations (Egypt, Assyria), probably because of its turn to eternity and Absolute. The artist is drawn to the monumental significant tasks, which he sets himself in his creative work. Paintings of Aslangery Uyanayev present a kind of symphonic development of a picturesque theme. Among his main expressive means are colour, stain and plastic.
      Aslangery Uyanayev bases his works on the direct emotional influence of a colour, similar to the influence of a sound in music. The colour in his pictures consists of active contrasts. The painter is limiting his colour scheme intentionally in order to reach greatest expressiveness through the correlation and synthesis of light and plastic. The development of the colour and form creates a dynamic embodiment of the space in the painting. In his works Aslangery Uyanayev attains a counterpoint- the simultaneous "resonance" of several colour "tunes". With the help of contpasts and inner intensity the artist desires for the incarnation of colour and form harmony. The picturesque wealth of his paintings is not the end in itself for Aslangery Uyanayev. His canvases are emitting the energy of spirit, derived by the artist from his dedicated attitude to the artistic work. Traditions of different trends-impressionism and postimpressionism - have been linked in his work, as well as there can be seen the influence of such great masters as Vasily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich. However, paintings of Aslangery Uyanayev are undoubtedly original, reflecting his individualyty. The artist himself describes his painting as "an associative realism". Perhaps we are present at the origination of a unique phenomenon in Russian "avant-garde" art...
      Aslangery Uyanayev took part in exhibitions of the Artists' Union of the RSFSR (1986-1987), the exhibition of private galleries (Exhibition Hall "Manezh", 1990), the exhibition of the Leningrad Branch of the Artists' Union (1991). Private collections in France, Germany, U.S.A., Sweden and Finland include his paintings.

Irene Moskvina, art-critic.

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